Watch out for those Jesuits!

 I stumbled upon this off- print while going through the papers of one American psychologist(never mind which one) working in the first half of the 20th century.The recipient left no comments about it.  It would seem, after a bit of poking around the internet, that this rabid diatribe comes from a KKK sponsored journal(The American Standard) appearing in New York between 1924- 1925( though I can’t say for sure- as I don’t have access to any library that holds the journal). Leaving aside the sinister purposes of the parent organization, one cannot but appreciate the brute paranoia of it, couched as it is in half- baked notions of telepathy, with a bit of James, New Thought and some old fashioned anti- Catholic sentiment to boot. 





pork, wine, and Jaspers

Last week, the centre (albeit with a reduced contingent) celebrated the end of our year long journey to complete the reading of Jaspers’ unwieldy, 800 page strong Allgemeine Psychopathologie. The pictures( courtesy of Fuhito) are from the subsequent banquet, whereas the quotes are an idiosyncratic selection  of  philosophical musings with which Jaspers occasionally peppers his psychopathological synthesis.

‘The fact that man senses this finiteness everywhere and cannot be satisfied with any of it points to a hidden possibility in his nature. He must have another root of his Being that that of his finiteness. If he had no pre- knowledge of the unknowable he would lack urge to enquire. But he seeks after Being itself, after the Infinite and the Other. Only this can give him satisfaction'(p. 763) *

‘Better self- understanding may be followed by recovery of the pathological mechanisms because in this case they only become affected when the patient’s inner psychic life falsified his existential possibilities. But pathological mechanisms can also come about without any such context. They may even arise within the context of some genuine upsurge of Existence itself”(p. 800)

‘The body- psyche unity. The onenness is neither somatic nor psychic but appears in both these forms; it is neither psychic nor somatic but Life itself'(p. 634)

‘ Death cannot be an experience.'(p. 477)

*Karl Jaspers, General Psychopathology. Translated from the German 7th edition by J. Hoenig and Marian W. Hamilton(Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1963)