Seminar, 11th November 2013

Monday 11th November:Dr. Sushrut Jadhav (UCL)

UCL/British Psychological Society History of the Psychological Disciplines Seminar Series

Seminal Matters: Historical Erasures and Category Errors Concerning Semen Regulation

This seminar is in two parts:

The first part will present evidence to argue that the history of semen related disorders, currently classified as an unique and exotic mental condition amongst South Asians, is deeply flawed as it erases a significant body of western literature. As a result, the phenomena of semen loss is classified it as a South Asian Culture Bound Mental Disorder in the International Classification of Diseases (F48.8, ICD-10).

The second part will demonstrate findings from an experiment that reveals how such diagnoses can be equally constructed amongst White Britons in London. The seminar will conclude by 1) arguing these are key concerns glossed over by global mental health models that abstract local explanations of suffering to the level of a psychopathology, and 2) proposing the term ‘cultural iatrogenesis’ as a new category to be included in the classification of mental disorders.

Organiser: Professor Sonu Shamdasani (UCL)

Time: 6pm to 7.30 pm.

Note Location:
Arts and Humanities Common Room (G24), Foster Court, Malet Place, University College London.

From the Torrington Place entrance to UCL, enter the campus on Malet Place. After fifty metres, you will find Foser court on the right hand side. Turn right under the underpass, and enter via the second door on the right. The common room is straight ahead.


Jung History Conference, 30th November 2013

Arts and Humanities Common Room (G24), Foster Court, Malet Place, University College London

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11-11.15 Introduction


11.15-12.00 Sonu Shamdasani “English Modernist Writers as Readers of Jung”


12.15-1.00 Gaia Domenici, “Books ‘For All and None’: ZarathustraThe Red Bookand ‘Visionary’ Works”


2.30-3.15 Christopher Wagner, “Jung’s Alchemy: The Concept and Uses of the Quaternity.”


3.15-4.00 Vicente de Moura, “The case of Maggy Reichstein – Jung’s Quest and Eastern Psychology.”


4.30-5.15 Matei Iagher, “The Sun and the Blue Sky: C.G. Jung and Mircea Eliade on religion.”


5.15-6.00 Martin Liebscher, “With Queen Vaidehi to the Pure Land: Jung’s reading of the



Cost: £45

Registered Student (bring proof of ID): £30

UCL staff/student: free


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